WebMail Professional

Making Webmail Easier


Are you looking for a WebMail program that will provide you with a feature rich and easy-to-use interface and endless functionality? With WebMail Professional, you and your staff can do just that with a single web-based interface. This feature can provide you with access to your email inbox, sent items, drafts, and deletions; appointment schedule; and task and contact management tools through any Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, at any time.


WebMail Professional provides you with:

  • The ability to access your inbox via a web interface
  • The ability to access your emails and time management tools from home, work, or while traveling, anywhere in the world and at any time
  • An easy-to-use interface designed with the beginner and advanced user in mind. All user levels can figure this system out in minutes!
  • The ability to use WebMail Professional as a replacement to your Outlook style program


Accessing email and time management tools with WebMail Professional, from anywhere at anytime couldn’t be easier for you!


FLEXIBLE: This powerful easy-to-use Web-email system allows beginners or advanced users to incorporate their WebMail with scheduling, task management, contact management, and POP3/IMAP access.


ACCESSIBLE: WebMail Professional can be accessed anywhere and at any time using an Internet browser. Whether you are at home, in the office, or traveling on business; WebMail Professional can be access by simply logging on to the Internet. You will have full access to all WebMail Professional features including email, calendar and task management tools, contacts, and more.


SIMPLE: WebMail Professional is perfect for every user level. This feature rich, easy-to-use application is designed for beginner and advanced user’s alike. The simple interface has an easy navigational process and no special training is required. If help is required, an online help system is available to guide you and your staff through all of the WebMail Professional functions.


Features and Benefits







WebMail Professional is strictly a web-based program accessible through an Internet browser

You can login from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access your mail and toolset

Address book that supports group mailings

You have access to your address book at all times – in the office, at home, or traveling on business

Online scheduler that can be shared globally with other users within your organization

You will receive reminders for important dates and meetings as well as your invited co-workers

Calendar and task management tools for time management

You can view all scheduled meetings, important dates and tasks that need to be met and completed

Full email search function

You can search through your email base to find related emails by topic

Spell check for email composing

You can check your message for accuracy before sending it out

Supports POP3 and IMAP

You can choose to remove or keep your email on the server

Contains a folder management utility

You can use your personal folder directory to create and organize emails by topic

Completely customizable interface and preferences

Customize your email preferences, email forwarding, and security

Interface supports multiple languages

You can choose between a large number of languages settings including: Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, English, and more.