Live Business Chat

Instant Communication


Internet chat has quickly become a mainstream form of communication – and now it’s a hot new customer service tool. ACS EasyLiveChat provides yet another effective and efficient way for you to communicate with new prospects and loyal customers.


EasyLiveChat will open the lines of communication by:

• Helping to reduce site and shopping cart abandonment
• Improving customer confidence and satisfaction
• Enhancing understanding of customer needs and wants



Why return a phone call or email hours after they were sent? Don’t wait until your customers interest has cooled off! With EasyLiveChat, you use a real-time interactive window allowing you to promptly communicate with site visitors to answer product questions or up sell services. Instant communication means instant, and improved, customer satisfaction.


ACCESSIBLE: Set hours of operation for chat so site visitors know when agents are available


AVAILABLE: Agents are notified both visually and audibly


DEPENDABLE: Full transcript functionality that includes mailing and archiving allows customer service agents to refer to previous chats

PROACTIVE: Pre-defined, editable messages make responding to common consumer questions quick and easy

RESPONSIVE: EasyLiveChat manages up to four agents. In addition, each agent can easily chat with up to four consumers simultaneously – that’s four times more than an agent can handle by phone