Reliable and Feature-Rich Email for Business


More and more businesses are outsourcing their business email management to a reliable provider. Why is ACS's EasyMail the best way for a business to manage its email system? EasyMail saves businesses enormous amounts of time, as well as administrative and technical costs, because it is so easy to manage. And while EasyMail is saving your company money, its powerful yet easy-to-use feature list is making your employees more productive. Every user of your email system, internal and external, will see the difference EasyMail can make.


What is EasyMail?

EasyMail is a fully managed email service that offers superior reliability and features over other email systems. It can also cost a lot less than other systems (including your own) because it does not require in-house systems or support to run it.


EasyMail is more Reliable

EasyMail operates on a clustered server environment that is both fully redundant and monitored 24X365. You won’t hear that chilling phrase “email’s down!” once you are using EasyMail. EasyMail offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee that is backed by a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA).


EasyMail is Economical

The true costs of running email in a company are higher than you may think. If you do it yourself, there are servers, software, and technical staff to pay for. If you use email from your Internet Service Provider, you may save money, but get a second-class service. The EasyMail solution makes system administration so easy, any non-technical administrator can do it. A low monthly fee gives you big company performance at small company prices.


EasyMail increases productivity

Your users, employees and customers will all see the difference from EasyMail. Powerful and useful features mean you can do things that improve your everyday business. For instance:


  • 100Mb Storage Store 100Mb of data on each email account.  
  • Web Mail – EasyMail supports POP3, IMAP and Web Mail so your employees can securely access their mail from any location. This enables work-at-home, overtime and traveling employees to be more productive.
  • Autoresponders – Gives you the ability to notify correspondents of short-term absences. Improve customer service and manage expectations of your communications partners.
  • SPAM-filtering – Block unsolicited bulk email from your company that ties up servers, degrades your system performance and distracts employees with redundant or offensive messages.
  • Catch Alls – Set up email addresses that direct multiple mail addresses to a single address. Great for setting up email response queues that can centrally gather sales@,marketing@ and info@ yourcompany.com.


EasyMail Features and Benefits






Generous storage limits and file attachment sizes (100Mb storage)

Improves productivity by facilitating sending, receiving and saving large attachment files



Hosted on fully redundant clustered servers, monitored 24 X 365

Reduced downtime for improved productivity and lower costs



POP3, IMAP and Web Mail

Access your mail from anywhere–improve productivity of mobile and work-at-home staff

Web Interfaced Administration Screens

Make changes easily, from any browser

Real-time administrative functions for adding, deleting accounts, forgotten passwords and dozens of other functions

Reduce costs or administration, improved productivity and user satisfaction/morale



Fully password-protected, secure administrator functions to add, change, delete and manage email from any admin desk

Reduce or eliminate costly technical and admin support; improve user support and admin productivity



SPAM Filtering to block “junk mail” from employees

Reduce wasted staff time, costly bandwidth, virus invasions and abusive/offensive material



Autoresponders that automatically answer incoming mail

Improve customer care



Alias/Forwarding/Catch-all to manage group mail addresses (like sales@company.com )

Improve customer care and save staff time looking up mail in various “in-boxes”



Email Virus Scan email Anti-Virus

Reduce or eliminate disastrous effects and costs of email-borne viruses that can invade your company’s network