Easy Blog Builder

A Powerful Tool for Knowledge, Project or Content Management


With the ACS EasyBlogBuilder you can improve the flow of information throughout your organization and open the lines of communication with your external stakeholders. A number of advantages are to be gained by adding web logs to your website:


• People return to sites that are trusted providers of information;
• Keeping external stakeholders, such as valued customers, up-to-date;
• Direct people to specific areas of your site;
• Consistent location for news and information;
• Useful and fresh content, updated on your timeframe.



EasyBlogBuilder is essentially a Web-based journal powered by a self-publishing tool that enables the author to regularly and easily update the content. The blog consists of posts by authorized users and commentary from blog visitors. The criteria for blogging success is useful and fresh content, personality and clean design.

Creating and implementing your own Blogger couldn’t be easier! If you want to be on the leading edge of web-based communication technology, and would like the process to be quick, easy and inexpensive, then EasyBlogBuilder is the solution for you!


SIMPLICITY: EasyBlogBuilder is simple to setup and easy to use its available right in your ACS Domain Managment Contol Panel; simply click the “Site Builders” option and “Easy Blog Builder”. Using the Blog Manager, you can easily install, configure and begin using your blogger in just minutes.


PERSONALIZE: EasyBlogBuilder is completely customizable. Tailor your blogger to include your corporate brand colors, personalized images and relevant categories.


CONTROL: EasyBlogBuilder puts control in the blog owner’s hands. The blog administrator has the authority to appoint users, censor content, as well as edit or delete blog entries and comments posted by users. More importantly, it enables the blog owner to easily post updates and receive comments - content is renewed and kept fresh on the owner’s timeframe.



• Blog Manager- Build a fully functional blog in minutes and easily manage every aspect of your blog, directly in the ACS Domain Management Control Panel
• Blog Editor- Permits the blog administrator to edit or delete blog entries and comments
• Blog Reader Interface- Is fresh and well organized, and allows individuals to easily view blog entries
• Search Function- Blog entries can be searched by category or keyword, visitors can locate a blog interest
• Ability to Censor Content- Edit words, such as expletives, that you do not wish to be used in your blog
• Ability to organize blogs into Categories- Blogs are kept clean and organized, so that visitors can easily find the entries they are seeking and return traffic is ensured
• Customizable Appearance- Define your colors, font type and size and upload personalized images
• Control Users- Easily add and delete users who have access to post a blog entry
• Ability to Comment on blog posts- One does not need to be an authorized user to read and comment on blog entries
• Capability to email a blog- Users can easily email a blog entry to someone else, along with a comment
• Blog Entry Calendar- Allows users to easily locate days that are populated with blog entries
• Ability to post commentary anonymously- One can still post commentary with out having to enter a name and email address, thereby maintaining their anonymity


Click here to visit our EasyBlogBuilder FAQ section.