Appointment Scheduler

Bringing Convenience, Speed and Ease

Do you lack the time, money and human resources to book your appointments conventionally offline? Are your customers demanding a more convenient way to book engagements with you? If so, Appointment Scheduler is your solution! No longer will you have to take phone calls and maintain an unorganized hardcopy calendar. Your customers will be able to easily book an appointment with you with Appointment Scheduler!


The ACS Appointment Scheduler is a robust and easy-to-use application that will transform scheduling from a bother to a breeze. Several of the advantages to be gained by implementing Appointment Scheduler are:


1. Decrease in costs, as the scheduling process becomes automated;

2. Convenience for you and your customers, since all bookings can be done online, at any time of the day;

3. A viable knowledge source, disseminating information including your hours of operation, appointment availability and company contact info;

4. Satisfied, contented customers!



Appointment Scheduler is an amazingly powerful and user friendly scheduling tool that will enable you to conveniently book appointments, and accept appointment requests, online.


ACCESSIBLE: Appointment Scheduler is available right in your ACS Domain Management Control Panel, simply click “Site Builders” and then “Appointment Scheduler” to start your agenda building process. There’s no software to download, manuals to read or extra fees to pay. Just click and go!


RELIABLE: Appointment Scheduler is a reliable method for scheduling; you simply specify your availability and your customers request an appointment within the allotted time slots. Appointment Scheduler ensures that appointments are not booked outside your business hours and that double bookings do not occur.


CUSTOMIZABLE: Appointment Scheduler is very customizable; you can tailor your Appointment Scheduler to include a personalized title, your company information, bespoke introduction, booking and confirmation messages, as well as the color scheme of your choice.


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