Email Announcer

Keep Customers Up-to-Date and Connected


Email Announcer is an easy way for users to keep customers or friends up-to-date with what is new and exciting on their website. With Email Announcer, they can manage distribution lists of email addresses and send messages based on these lists.


Email Announcer uses a simple text format for its distribution lists that allows users to create lists on their local machine and upload them to their account.


Keep your customers current with what is new and happening with your business:


  • Inform customers of up coming events, sales or promotions
  • Announce when new products or shipments arrive- Are you going to be including a new line or label, let them in on the excitement!
  • Send out holiday greeting or celebration notices- Wish your customers Happy Holidays!
  • Notify your customer of any business or service changes- Are your hours changing? Or are you going to be moving?
  • Include press releases, charitable contributions or sponsorship programs- Share the good news!



It is well known that spamming (sending junk email) generates a very negative response from most of its recipients. To ensure that users do not unintentionally generate spam, it is best to obtain the permission of the intended recipients before adding them to an Email Announcer distribution list.