ACS is proud to be partnered with Tucows for value priced domain registration services.

Domain Registration services start at only $14.95 per year for .com, .net, .org, and .info. Additional discounts are available for bulk registration periods.

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Premium Domain Hosting: Customers planning on hosting a website immediately can signup for hosting and purchase a new domain name in one easy process by clicking here. This is the best choice if you need new web or email hosting. Choose this option if you are planning on creating a new web page using our Free Website Building Tools or if you are planning on having our Website Experts create a web page for you.
FREE Domain Parking: Just looking to secure a domain name, but not ready to signup for hosting just yet? Click Here to register a domain name and "park" the page for FREE until later. This option provides a FREE parked web page and ensures your domain name is available when you are ready to upgrade to one of our Premium Domain Hosting packages.
URL Redirection: Already have a web page but need to register another domain name and point it somewhere else? Register your new domain and signup for our URL Redirection Plan that redirects visitors from your new domain to an existing web hosting service. For less than $1 per month, you can automatically redirect visitors to your existing web site. This is a great idea for marketing and creating new easy to remember ways for customers to find your web site. Click here to get started with our new domain registration and URL Redirection account!


Our 5 helpful tips for picking a new domain name:

  1. Choose a domain name that includes all or part of your business name without being difficult to type.
  2. Try to create a short and easy to remember name. Domain names can be at most 63 characters, but you really want to be much shorter if you expect your customers to accurately type your email or web address.
  3. When possible incorporate key words in your domain name that reflect what you sell or provide in services.
  4. Purchase similarly spelled domain names and have the URL Redirected to your site. Try to think of ways people might misspell or mistype your address.
  5. Think about registering all of the major top level domain names that are available for your domain. You can always redirect a .net, .info or .biz to your .com site. Securing all of the top level domains keeps your competitors from buying up the alternate names and sending your customers to their site instead of yours.