Frequently Asked Questions


Throughout this webiste are references to the ACS Domain Management Control Panel. One of the first questions many customers ask is, "What is this tool and what can I do with it?"


The ACS Domain Management Control Panel is the core tool for management of ACS Premium Domain Hosting Services. This browser based website management application allows you to manage many aspects of your website. Using this application, you can:


  • Administer your email accounts
  • Generate usage statistics
  • Promote your website
  • Manage your files on the server
  • Create Photo Albums
  • Build and Manage blogs
  • Setup your own ad server
  • Add and remove FrontPage extensions
  • Analyze your website's structure and integrity
  • Create and manage an effective single page website
  • Check your disk usage
  • Manage your Databases
  • Manage server logs
  • Configure and alter DNS settings
  • Secure sections of your website
  • Configure and install common CGI scripts
  • And much, much more!


* Not all applications are available in all packages. See comparison pages for details.


On the left navigation menu, you will find links to various other FAQ's related to ACS Premium Domain Hosting. We hope that you enjoy these pages are find them helpful. We also sincerely encourage you to contact us directly if you have additional questions or need further help.


Our team of friendly support engineers are happy to answer any of your questions - FAQ or otherwise. For questions, call (970)245-7088 or (888)800-4ACS.